About artz

Artz Contracting Corporation was established in Riyadh Region under commercial registry number 1011146595. Since then, the company has been engaged in various contracting activities, including but not limited to the following activities listed in its commercial registry

General construction of residential, non-residential, and government buildings.

Building finishing.

Installation of shades and fences.

Installation of glass and mirrors for buildings.

Furniture installation.

Operation, maintenance, and cleaning services.

Infrastructure works and development.

Construction, maintenance, and repair of roads, streets, sidewalks, and their accessories.

Construction, repair, and maintenance of water distribution stations and networks.

Establishment and maintenance of power stations and transformers.

Construction of seaport berths and their annexes.

Installation of various types of pipes for electricity, communications, and other purposes.

Construction, maintenance, and repair of airports, facilities, and airstrips.

General sports constructions, including stadiums.

Installation, extension, and maintenance of computer and communications networks.

Installation and maintenance of traffic safety devices.

Construction and maintenance of railway lines.

Installation and maintenance of firefighting systems and equipment.

Construction of bridges and tunnels.

Extension of oil and gas pipelines.


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